Hotel workers call out Diamondbacks for crossing picket line before Dodgers series

You don't want to get on their bad side. Bad juju.
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game Two / John Fisher/GettyImages

You want to end up on the wrong side of history real fast in LA? Cross a picket line at the tail end of one of the most heated, strike-filled summers in the region's long tradition of fighting for workers.

The WGA recently settled with Hollywood's studios, meaning that scripted television will live again someday (as soon as SAG, the actors' union, finds a point of agreement). But another strike still rages on in LA, as the workers of the JW Marriott in L.A. Live have been picketing for fair treatment for months now.

For whatever reason, the visiting Diamondbacks have still chosen that hotel as their preferred place of rest for Games 1 and 2 at Dodger Stadium. Makes total sense. Famously, there are zero hotels in LA. Not a tourist hub.

Ahead of the series, the hotel's workers put out a statement asking the Diamondbacks to honor their picket line, and even proposed a few alternate locations for the team's traveling secretaries. As the statement notes, their refusal to change plans could be their death knell for this series, as it was for the 2018 Yankees when they tried to pull a similarly scabby maneuver in Boston.

Dodgers hope Diamondbacks have bad hotel karma in NLDS

Just a few days ago, the D-Backs were probably America's darlings, having knocked off the higher-seeded Brewers with two comebacks in as many days. After all, do impartial fans really want to root for the high-priced Dodgers over a team of rookies?

Now, if they're inclined to support fair labor practices, America's bandwagoners might be changing their tunes.

The scrappy team, known as the "Answer Backs" for their impressive amount of rallies and responses this summer, should probably have an answer prepared for the Marriott's hard-working staff out there fighting for a fair deal.

If Lionel Messi's much-ballyhooed MLS team could find a workaround, then surely Arizona, with a roster and staff mostly entering their first rodeo, can too. Maybe AirBNB? I've always slept well on their converted sofa beds. Absolutely no debilitating sore necks under any circumstances, no way (wink, wink).