How does Dodgers' Chris Taylor turn into Gold Glove outfielder vs Brewers?

Philadelphia Phillies v Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies v Los Angeles Dodgers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

If the Los Angeles Dodgers want a more permanent left field solution, all they have to do is play the Milwaukee Brewers every day! Because Chris Taylor seems to love laying out and making web gem grabs against LA's NL foe.

On Tuesday night, Taylor continued that narrative with two tremendous catches to swipe multiple runs off the board for Milwaukee. In the first inning when Noah Syndergaard was in some early trouble, Taylor made a leaping catch as he crashed into the wall, robbing Willy Adames of extra bases. The runners at first and second couldn't move, and they wouldn't score for the remainder of the frame.

In a game where the Dodgers immediately had to go to the bullpen because of an injury to Syndergaard (he was removed after the first inning), every run-saving play counted.

At this point, it's objectively hilarious what Taylor is doing against the Brew Crew. Even though he's still regarded as one of the best utility players in the league, nobody can expect this kind of defense night in and night out.

But Taylor makes sure to bring an all-world glove every time he's in the outfield vs Milwaukee.

Dodgers' Chris Taylor is a defensive legend against the Brewers

That first-inning catch changed the trajectory of the game. Then, two innings later, he nearly replicated his 2018 NLCS robbery of Christian Yelich when he dove into the gap to snag a line drive, save another run, and prevent another runner from getting into scoring position.

"He can't keep getting away with this!!!" - Craig Counsell and Christian Yelich, probably. It gets better, too.

So let's go back in time, to NLCS Game 7 in Milwaukee when this all started. When Taylor robbed Yelich for that legendary run-saving catch, he had only logged 24 games in left field that season out of the 155 he suited up for.

Don't forget the insane 2022 catch in center field when Taylor swiped a walk-off hit away from Andrew McCutchen. That year, Taylor played in 118 total games, with just 10 coming in center field.

And then Tuesday night, it was Taylor's sixth game in left (out of 29) all season, as he's mostly been logging infield reps due to injuries that have rocked the Dodgers' roster. And he's still rising to the occasion, regardless of his familiarity in the outfield.

By the time Taylor's career is over, he'll be able to make a full highlight reel of his defensive successes against the Brewers alone.