Iconic Vin Scully Dodgers mural shamefully gets vandalized in LA

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two
World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two / Harry How/GettyImages

If a group of Los Angeles Dodgers were asked who the greatest Dodger of all time was there would be a mixed bag of responses. Many would say Jackie Robinson. Some would say Sandy Koufax. Younger fans may even say Clayton Kershaw. Others might go outside the box with Tommy Lasorda. But many who grew up listening to the game on the radio and watching on TV would definitely say Vin Scully.

Scully may have never stepped on the field as a player, but his legacy with the Dodgers is a pillar of the foundation of the franchise. No broadcaster will ever be able to replicate Scully's 67-year run as the voice of the Dodgers as many consider him to be the greatest broadcaster of all time.

Scully passed away at the age of 94 last August and the city of Los Angeles rightfully banded together to pay tribute to the voice of the Dodgers. This included several murals painted throughout the city to honor the legend in vintage Los Angeles fashion.

Unfortunately, there always has to be someone who has to ruin a great thing, as one of the most iconic Scully murals has been vandalized in a shameful manner.

Dodgers fans rally together after shameful Vin Scully mural vandalization

It's shameful to vandalize any piece of these murals that take days and even weeks to complete. But to purposefully paint over the face of one of the most beloved figures in Los Angeles sports history? Now that's taking it a step too far.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a mural of a Los Angeles icon has been vandalized. A Kobe and Gianna Bryant mural was defaced multiple times in Austin, Texas shortly after his passing. After LeBron signed with the Lakers in 2018, multiple of his murals in Los Angeles were defaced as well.

These disgraceful acts should never supercede the efforts put forth by the artists to remember those who have passed. All Dodgers fans can do now is exactly what Scully would want them to do: lead with love and kindness in their hearts. Hopefully, the mural can be fixed shortly, and whoever did it loses several nights of sleep with the guilt of disrespecting a cultural LA legend.

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