Jake Gelof childhood photos prove Dodgers' draft pick was born to be in LA

Born in Dodger Blue. Tommy Lasorda would've loved this guy.
North Carolina v Virginia
North Carolina v Virginia / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

It's not a prerequisite for any Dodgers draft pick to have a long history with the organization, but it certainly doesn't hurt. It's the cherry on top of Jake Gelof's case, after the UVA slugger was taken by LA with the 60th overall pick this week -- the same exact spot his brother Zack was selected by the A's in 2021.

The Dodgers will only be receiving one Gelof instead of the package deal, though once upon a time, a different Dodgers team got even luckier than the 2023 big-league edition.

The Little League Lewes Dodgers used to employ both Gelofs, giving the family a wealth of Dodgers photos to commemorate the start of the new kid's big-league journey.

Jake was only nine when he received his first Dodgers hat, but don't worry -- he's kept it to this day.

Dodgers' second-round pick Jake Gelof was a Little League Dodger, too

Smart thinking. This kid's got initiative.

Even though he may have been the only one who predicted it over a decade ago, Gelof will join several other recent UVA notables in the Dodgers' system. His teammates Kyle Teel and Connelly Early both went to the Red Sox this summer, making Boston the place to be for 'Hoos next, but Gelof has a solid Wahoo Crew of his own. Pitcher Brandon Neeck and outfielder Chris Newell are in LA's minor-league system, selected in last year's draft.

Of course, UVA alum Chris Taylor still roams the outfield, too. He might be the university's most prominent current big-leaguer (though Andrew Abbott of the Reds might have a solid counter).

In case you're having trouble envisioning Gelof wearing the gear, his father Adam was proud to provide the ammunition this week post-draft.

Gelof's home run pop is his most famous attribute; 21 bombs in his sophomore campaign and 23 in his junior season stand as a pretty solid indicator of talent there.

Rumor has it he might stick at third base, too, which will be helpful, considering he's apparently been following in Casey Blake's path for over a decade.