Klay Thompson shouts out Dodgers brother Trayce's historic three-home run game

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers
Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Surely, Trayce Thompson couldn't replicate his 2022 breakout with the Dodgers, right? I mean ... the 31-year-old Thompson mashed 13 home runs in 74 games for Los Angeles, matching his previous career high (set in 2016 in eight additional games). He posted the highest OPS of his career out of nowhere (.901 OPS in 74 games with the Dodgers, topping his previous full-season mark of .738).

Stealing Thompson from the Padres was extra sweet, but it was safe to assume the magic might be gone in 2023, opening up reps for veteran Jason Heyward and his new swing, as well as rookie James Outman.

Well ... maybe we're due for an early reevaluation?

Thompson left his mark on 2023 very early, slamming three home runs against the Diamondbacks in Saturday night's action. Not only did he leave the yard and set off the Dodgers' new LED lights on three separate occasions, but it might've been the most impressive three-homer game in MLB since Jayson Werth's eight-RBI effort in 2008, which Thompson just matched.

Needless to say, his NBA star brother Klay's reaction was highly on point.

Dodgers OF Trayce Thompson gets shoutout from Warriors brother Klay

We've long had Third Quarter Klay. Can we now add Third Homer Trayce to the nickname pile?

Perhaps most importantly, it seems we've uncovered a brotherly love for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Thompson did his damage on the "first of the month". Does Klay also have a nickname in the Bone Thugs naming convention? We'll have to ask him after the Dubs' postseason journey ends and he has more time on his hands to visit his brother at Dodger Stadium.

Of course, the Bone Thugs are Cleveland-based, so things could get weird if the Guardians stay hot and meet Trizzy Bone in the World Series. Lots of things to consider, all of which we hadn't considered before this week.