27 biggest free agent contracts in Los Angeles Dodgers history

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13. Rafael Furcal - three years, $39 million + three years, $30 million in 2005, 2008

Rafael Furcal! Twice! The Dodgers signed the speedy shortstop to a three-year, $39 million deal after his impressive six-year run with the Braves. His debut season in 2006 with LA was great. It was followed by a big-time regression in 2007 and then a 36-game 2008 that was marred by a back injury. The Dodgers gave him another three-year deal ($30 million) after that, but the results were even worse. He had a lackluster 2009, an All-Star first half in 2010 that was disrupted by another injury (97 games played), and then appeared in just 37 games in 2011 before he was traded to the Cardinals. We'd say the $69 million could've been spent better.

12. Yasiel Puig - seven years, $42 million, 2012

Signed out of Cuba, Yasiel Puig took MLB by storm his first two seasons in the league. His second-place Rookie of the Year finish in 2013 got him MVP votes, and his All-Star showing in 2014 was another spectacle, but injuries limited him the next two seasons. He came back strong in 2017 and 2018, but was then traded to the Reds in 2019. It was later discovered the Dodgers worked to sweep his sexual assault allegations under the rug (Puig secretly settled with the accusers in 2017). The Reds traded him to the Guardians, and that was the last he was seen in MLB. Too bad his epic home run off David Price in Game 4 of the 2018 World Series was for nothing.