27 biggest free agent contracts in Los Angeles Dodgers history

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8. Chris Taylor - four years, $60 million, 2021

It might be a tad regrettable now, but the Dodgers had to pay Chris Taylor after his All-Star 2021 campaign and dominant postseason that year. He battled injuries in 2022, but should be back on track in 2023 to serve as the super utility option the Dodgers have deployed him as for years. Hopefully, he can get back on track and fill the void after so many key players departed the last few offseasons.

7. Justin Turner - four years, $64 million, 2016

One of them was Justin Turner, who signed with the Boston Red Sox not too long ago. But after the 2016 season, JT hit free agency and the Dodgers weren't letting him go anywhere. Though all four years he signed on for featured shortened seasons due to injury, Turner was among the best third basemen in the game, dominated in the postseason, and helped the Dodgers in the 2020 World Series. We'll miss him.

6. AJ Pollock - five years, $60 million, 2019

The Dodgers bet on potential here and (kind of) got their money's worth. Pollock was solid in his debut 2019 season with LA, but only played in 86 games due to injury. He roared back in 2020 with a dominant showing and then raked in 2021, despite appearing in just 117 games. But the Dodgers traded him before the 2022 season for Craig Kimbrel, in what ended up being a bad deal for both sides. Nonetheless, Pollock finished with an .856 OPS and 124 OPS+ in 258 games with the Dodgers, who only ended up paying $32.4 million for that production. OK, not bad.

5. Kenley Jansen - five years, $80 million, 2017

At the time, Jansen signed the second-largest contract ever for a closer, and it was well deserved. The converted catcher was arguably the most dominant closer in the sport from 2012-2016. He was underappreciated because of his sometimes erratic showings, but he's still one of the best of all time and certainly the best in Dodgers history (350 saves, 1,022 strikeouts). His contract was up after the 2021 season and he signed with the Braves, where he led MLB in saves with 41. He signed a two-year deal with the Red Sox ahead of the 2023 campaign and joins far too many former Dodgers we can't stomach to mention.