Loser Astros fans try to pin cheating on Dodgers in all-time pathetic video

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Two
World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Two / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Please, just don't watch the full five-minute video of these Houston Astros fans trying to convince everyone the Los Angeles Dodgers were also cheating to the extent their team did during the 2017 season. You'll never get those precious moments back and you'll be scarred by the ultimate cringe.

The content creation world has gone too far. What some people consider humor or intellect teeters on the edge of tragedy and idiocy. But here we are. Society made this mess. All we can do is gatekeep at this point.

Anyway, the folks at Apollo Media, still hung up on the Astros being the "scapegoats" for MLB's wide-ranging electronic sign-stealing scandal, have put up their latest line of defense following the release of Evan Drellich's book Winning Fixes Everything, which goes further in depth about the Astros' illicit practices and how they compared to how other teams were bending/breaking the rules.

The consensus is that the Astros elevated their operation to a level nobody else really came close to, which is why they were held "accountable" (or, simply outed for their transgressions with no real punishment).

Houston fans still won't believe that, though. And Apollo Media's attempt at trying to swing the argument in the opposite direction is a prime example of the maximum level of denial in practice.

Astros fans trying to pin cheating on Dodgers in 2017 World Series is hilarious

In "dissecting" a Joc Pederson at-bat from Game 2 of the 2017 World Series, these geniuses deduced that Pederson was being given signs from the Dodgers because he ... laid off of two pitches before striking out? Even if this was an attempt at comedy ... my GOD. The apocolypse can't come soon enough.

Pederson swung and missed at two cutters from reliever Will Harris, laid off a third, took a good slider to make it a 2-2 count, and then whiffed on a third cutter before being sent back to the dugout. The argument here is essentially, "How could a professional baseball player lay off two balls?!"

But then it gets better. There was a mound visit after Pederson took the slider. Catcher Brian McCann didn't relay any signs to Harris, who threw the cutter again and struck Pederson out. And there's the smoking gun! No sign relayed. No sign to steal. No wonder Pederson, a postseason legend in every sense of the word, wasn't able to make contact there! Nailed it!

(There wasn't even a runner on second base to relay the signs, so they're just alleging at this point that the Dodgers had a video system in place to relay them in real time?)

Then these guys fast forwarded to Game 7 after the Astros won the series to zone in on all-time hardo Brian McCann delivering the second smoking gun: McCann smirking in response to being "worried" about the Astros pitchers tipping their signs in an interview with MLB Network.

The veracity here is off the charts. How about that guy calling Pederson a "rookie" (as the slugger concluded this third full MLB season) as an argument for why it was unbelievable that he worked the count on the legendary Will Harris?

35.7K followers on Twitter. 3.2K subscribers on YouTube. This is a conspiracy Reddit thread that's come to life for hundreds of thousands of people to see, birthed from a fanbase that can't even celebrate and enjoy winning a World Series. "Sad" doesn't even begin to describe it.