Max Muncy debunks Dodgers' injury diagnosis and now we're all confused

Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Dodgers v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Max Muncy injured his hamstring in the Los Angeles Dodgers' series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday and has been out of the lineup ever since. He's undergone further testing and the team thinks they have an answer on his timetable.

The only problem? It feels terribly wrong.

According to manager Dave Roberts, Muncy suffered a Grade 2 hamstring strain after receiving the MRI results. Muncy, don't forget, also dealt with a cramp in the same hamstring at the end of May, but there's seemingly no concern this could linger.

Roberts claims he's hoping Muncy is back by Saturday. Now, we're not doctors, but a Grade 2 hamstring strain, per doctors (!!), usually carries at least a two-week recovery period. Some even say it's safe to sit in the 4-to-8-week window. And you're telling us Muncy is going to rest five days and be able to return to play both sides of the ball?

New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton dealt with the same injury not too long ago and missed six weeks. We're not saying it'll be that lengthy of a layoff, because Stanton's usually on the shelf 2-4 weeks longer than expected, but it should probably not be five days?

Dodgers' Max Muncy injury update seems suspect

Oh, but wait! Muncy went on the airwaves on Thursday and said his hamstring injury is not a Grade 2 strain, and that it's a "milder low grade strain," which would then definitely put him in the week-ish range.

What was the miscommunication, though?! Muncy told reporters on Wednesday that he got "average" news about his hamstring, and we didn't really know what that meant, while the Dodgers delved into the specifics (which were incorrect!).

See, even Muncy knew the timeline of the Grade 2 strain! We weren't crazy to think the opposite bits of information were confusing.

Either way, hamstring injuries can be tricky and nagging, so the Dodgers need to proceed with caution since they can't afford to lose any offensive firepower as their pitching staff continues to plunge into the depths of the underworld.