Max Scherzer throwing Mets under the bus validates Dodgers fans' feelings of betrayal

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Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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When Max Scherzer signed with the New York Mets following the 2021 season, it was a double gut-punch for Los Angeles Dodgers fans. During the team's postseason run, it really felt like the right-hander gave up on the team, citing a "dead arm" when he was asked to pitch on short rest against the Atlanta Braves.

The Dodgers traded for Scherzer at the deadline hoping he'd be their "guy" down the stretch, but with their backs against the wall, he exited stage right in what many believed to be an effort to preserve himself for free agency. Everyone knew he was going to make a killing, especially with Scott Boras by his side.

And that he did! After countless reports claiming Scherzer would "never" pitch in New York, he couldn't have signed his three-year, $130 million contract with the Mets any faster. And in classic corporate fashion, he had Boras by his side during his introductory press conference in what felt like the least genuine free agency decision of all time. Scherzer followed the money, as does every single Boras client.

During that introductory presser, Scherzer felt the need to call out the Dodgers for his usage down the stretch, essentially blaming them for what had happened to his arm once the NLCS arrived. It's still largely unclear what he was even talking about because he refused to get into specifics. Very constructive way to put somebody on blast. Certainly doesn't create unnecessary drama.

Up until this week, it felt like Dodgers fans were living in the hypothetical. "Did Scherzer actually give up on us? And did he try to cover it up by criticizing LA in his presser with the Mets?" There's still no definitive proof, but the fact he exposed the Mets on his way out via a trade to the Rangers helps confirm his immature finger-pointing.

Max Scherzer throwing Mets under the bus after trade confirms he betrayed Dodgers

Even if Scherzer was asked a question about the Mets' vision, why did he feel the need to elaborate for over a minute about this? Who in the world cares? The Rangers aren't even in the National League. How would it even affect them? What kind of behavior is this from a 39-year-old and 16-year MLB veteran?

Also, glad to hear he was willing to make concessions for the Mets' future when he was among the main reasons they were bounced from the postseason last year. He also has a 4.01 ERA and 4.72 FIP with 23 home runs allowed in just 107.2 innings this year. Ask any Mets fan -- Scherzer has massively let them down in big moments over the past year and half.

He did take accountability for his play during the Rangers presser, but to sound like he was shocked the Mets decided to go in a different direction when their bloated $375 million payroll (and his ridiculous $43.33 million salary) was producing a below-average product is further confirmation that he just doesn't have a clue.

All of this at least gives Dodgers fans validation that his snake-like exit from Los Angeles wasn't all a result of their frustration from what had happened with him, plus the playoff defeat. It's not just their fandom and imagination taking hold.

So many other veterans out there are tight-lipped or opt to use some sort of tact with the media. This is just who Scherzer is. Thanks for the confirmation.