Miguel Rojas gives Dodgers fans necessary reminder of how damaged other franchises are

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
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The Los Angeles Dodgers' acquisition of shortstop Miguel Rojas was somewhat underwhelming for a fan base that's come to expect Trea Turner and Corey Seager at the position in recent years.

That said, Rojas is unlikely to be the primary caretaker of the position in Los Angeles. Instead, the Dodgers are hoping that top prospect Gavin Lux finally takes the next step towards stardom.

After all, that's the expectation in LA these days. Even in a down year, this is supposed to be a team replete with stars, both young and old, at every position. This is supposed to be a team that dangles four or five assets that dwarf competing assets from around the league to secure an additional superstar or two at the trade deadline.

And, first and foremost, this is supposed to be a team that competes for a championship. Sustainably. Year in and year out. If they fall short, they'll appear atop the list of contenders for the next season, no matter how it ends.

That's the type of organization Rojas will be rejoining after languishing in Miami for the better part of a decade, ever since he was sent away from the Dodgers in the Dee Strange-Gordon trade after the 2014 season.

Well ... "languishing" isn't exactly the right word. Rojas thrived. He was a captain type. He was a standout, both on and off the field. And yet, the goal in Miami was, "Embrace the community, bug some other teams, and see what you can do."

The goal in Los Angeles? Win. Win, win, win. And Rojas' "welcome back" interview should've signaled to disgruntled Dodgers fans that this could all be so much worse.

Dodgers shortstop Miguel Rojas escaped purgatory in Miami, feels like a winner. Could be worse.

Players entering LA feel like instant winners. Players leaving LA and going to the league's many franchises that don't prioritize victories feel ... less than. And it's important that Dodgers fans remember that as they encounter a fate worse than death: maybe finishing second, and having to wait until next year to compete in the free agent market to the best of their ability.

Rojas will be a winning piece to a program that has always paid attention to filling out the roster with high-character guys. He's not an ideal starter, but he's an excellent utility guy and a world-class person.

And, most importantly, he's now playing for one of (let's be generous) seven teams in the league that cares about contending this fall rather than inching into the playoffs and letting the chips fall where they may. Even in an off year, the Dodgers remain an inspiring destination. Don't forget that.

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