MLB insider has insane trade deadline predictions for Dodgers as rumors swirl

Houston Astros v New York Yankees
Houston Astros v New York Yankees / Al Bello/GettyImages

We're still just about three months away from the trade deadline, but the Padres' and Marlins' blockbuster trade that sent Luis Arráez to San Diego marked an early start to trade speculation season.

We've already identified things the Dodgers should (get more relief pitching) and shouldn't do (let Gavin Lux stay on the team) when things really heat up, which qualify as relatively conservative and realistic estimates for what will probably be a relatively uneventful trade deadline for a still-stacked Dodgers team.

Nothing will supplant the mighty 1-6 hitters in the Dodgers lineup, and although Lux might (should) be on his way out, they also seem too attached to some of their other guys toward the bottom and their bench players (or have viable depth options in Triple-A to replace them if necessary) to really shake things up with massive trades.

However, some MLB insiders seem to just be throwing things at a wall when it comes to very early trade predictions. Jon Heyman took a stab at some of his own, and the names he attached to the Dodgers are not only highly improbable, they'd also just be bizarre fits for the team.

Jon Heyman predicted Nolan Arenado, Justin Verlander to the Dodgers as trade rumor frenzy heats up

Heyman specifically tapped Nolan Arenado and Justin Verlander as players who might accept trades to the Dodgers, but that would involve the Dodgers actually wanting either of them. Arenado's still a good player by most metrics, but he's never been able to reach the same offensive heights with the Cardinals as he did with the Rockies, and he missed out on a Gold Glove for the first time in his career last season. The Dodgers would also be unlikely to want to take on the four years and $76 million he has left on his contract to replace Max Muncy, who is raking and whose defense has improved this season. As much as Arenado might want to come to LA, this feels phony.

Verlander is an even odder choice, because he's been getting shelled with the Astros this season, and Astros GM Dana Brown has already said that they don't have plans to be major sellers at the deadline. The Dodgers' rotation is in an okay place now, and they're leaving a place for Clayton Kershaw to return in the late summer. While it might look nice on paper to have both Verlander and Kershaw in a rotation together, the Mets already tried something like that with Max Scherzer and Verlander to ill effect. Chances are that he'll be staying put for the season.

The Dodgers could surprise us, but it's unlikely they'll do anything as monumental as trade for two more superstars who haven't been great this season. There are definitely spots on the roster that need some work, but everyday hitting and starting pitching aren't among them.