MLB Playoff Bracket, Dodgers Edition: Cubs, Brewers or Diamondbacks?

The Dodgers are likely to run into one of these three playoff opponents come October.
Chicago Cubs v Colorado Rockies
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Possible Dodgers NLDS Opponent: Milwaukee Brewers

From a tangible perspective, the Brewers possess the biggest threat to the Dodgers for one sole reason: their pitching. If anybody is going to beat the Dodgers this postseason, it'll be a team that can out-duel them on the mound.

You might rebut by saying the Brewers can't hit, and you'd be right, but do you want the Dodgers duking it out on the pitching front for potentially five full games? We're not sure they'd last, if we're being honest.

Corbin Burnes, Freddy Peralta and Brandon Woodruff are a trio that could give the Dodgers' lineup trouble. Throw in their top-notch bullpen (third in ERA, third in WHIP, third in opponents' average) and that's the best version of a matchup nightmare for the Dodgers in the first round.

The advantage here is that the Brewers will be a bit more taxed because they have to play that extra playoff series and can't really rest anybody down the stretch, but outside of the Braves, this might be the toughest obstacle for the Dodgers in their path through the NL. They're not intimidating, but they can't be overlooked, especially with Willy Adames heating up.