MLB's ideal trade deadline fits feature 1 Dodgers addition, 1 nightmare

The Dodgers' ideal trade target could come off the board this summer and be dealt to the worst possible team.
Oakland Athletics v Milwaukee Brewers
Oakland Athletics v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

For years, the Dodgers have waited out the Milwaukee Brewers' contention window the way Jerry and Elaine bided time during David and Beth Lookner's marriage. Now, it seems the Brew Crew might be considering a summer sale as they fall off pace in a bizarre NL Central, opening the door for ... oh, no, come on! Not them!

FanSided MLB insider Robert Murray has long attested that if the Dodgers had their way, their shortstop would be Milwaukee star Willy Adames. Unfortunately, the Brewers believe in Adames long-term as well, but that belief hasn't stopped fans from theorizing about an Adames/Corbin Burnes package that could solve the team's woes in the short- and long-term. Burnes is a Scott Boras client. He probably would be in Hollywood for a good time, not a long time. But still ... worth it.

The 28-year-old Burnes, who's arbitration-eligible and doesn't exactly have love for the process after last year's meeting, would be under team control through 2024.

Unfortunately, according to, the best team fit for such a deal would be ... the Arizona Diamondbacks, the surprising young team that's surged to the top of the NL West this season powered by Zac Gallen and Corbin Carroll.

As for the Dodgers? They were paired with Tim Anderson, a player who's often been theorized as a potential shortstop gap-filler, but someone who's star has diminished somewhat in his walk year. It's likely only temporary, but ... still, would rather butt in on that Diamondbacks deal.

Dodgers could trade for Tim Anderson while Brewers send Corbin Burnes to Arizona?!

Anderson has a 2024 club option, too, which is bad news for a rehabbing Gavin Lux, who may never have as clear a shot for playing time as he did entering 2023 ever again.

While acknowledged that Anderson hasn't exactly been beating the drum for the White Sox, there's a long history of brand names finding themselves again in Dodger Blue, and it's also not like we're more than a half-year removed from the best version of this particular player.

"On one hand, the White Sox have barely gotten more production than the Dodgers at short, in large part due to a down year from Anderson. On the other hand, Anderson clearly comes with more upside, having hit .318/.347/.474 from 2019-22. Although the two-time All-Star missed 18 games early this season with a left knee sprain and has struggled to get going since then, he still boasts a 90th-percentile expected batting average, while making hard contact as often as ever. The main issue has been going from a ground ball hitter to the most extreme ground ball hitter in the sport.

Even a modest adjustment -- perhaps with the Dodgers’ help -- could make Anderson a difference maker in the NL West race and into October. "

Anderson has always been a primetime player seeking an outlet, and this year's Dodgers team could provide a pretty effective spotlight.

That said ... Corbin Burnes in Arizona, man. Perhaps waiting out the Brewers will end just as poorly for LA as Jerry and Elaine's attempted couple coup did.