MLB standings ordered by bases-loaded efficiency: Dodgers taking advantage

Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers v St. Louis Cardinals / Scott Kane/GettyImages

After shaking off some early-season scuffles, the new-look Los Angeles Dodgers offense has thrived for much of the 2023 campaign.

The batting average is low, but they're tied for second in MLB in homers, and would probably be lapping the field if the 87-homer Rays didn't exist. Wouldn't that be nice? They're third in the league in RBI and seventh in OPS.

The rotation? That's another worry entirely. This Dodgers offense, paced by kiddo James Outman and recovering veteran Max Muncy, is actually coming around.

So it's no wonder that they've also been opportunistic. According to a chart compiled by stathead and White Sox fan Jay Cuda, the Dodgers are in the top half of MLB in run-scoring efficiency with they load the bases with nobody out.

They haven't done so as often as some other teams (the Braves are most likely team to encounter this situation, with the Angels and Rays not far behind). But when the Dodgers load the bases with nobody out (seven times), they cash in, scoring 15 runs, or 2.14 per opportunity. That's 11th in baseball, prior to play on Thursday.

MLB Standings: Dodgers like to score with bases loaded, no out

Somewhere in the middle, but ... at least loading the bases with nobody out isn't a death sentence, like it's been for the extremely inefficient Yankees and Mets.

Plus, somehow ... the Houston Astros' suddenly anemic offense never loads the bags. In only four opportunities with no one out, they've cashed in a wimpy five runs. Nobody should count the 'Stros out, especially with Jose Altuve on the mend, but it's still nice to be living in this moment in history. How lucky we are to be alive right now.

The Dodgers have plenty of other worries to sort out on the bump, but at least they've been opportunistic on offense so far. Plus, Victor González contributed to lowering the Twins' efficiency number all by himself this week when he snuffed their torches with the bases loaded. That counts for something.