Mookie Betts makes absolutely correct decision to avoid possible ghosts in Milwaukee

Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers
Los Angeles Dodgers v Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Whenever the Los Angeles Dodgers come to Milwaukee, it's typically the home team that needs to exorcise ghosts. 'Round these parts, Brewers fans still have visions of 2018 dancing in their heads. They're kept up late at night thinking about Jesus Aguilar's ankle and Manny Machado's stomp.

Hell, they have a daily reminder of what used to be; they run the Ghost of Christian Yelich out there every day in left field.

But, this time around, it was Mookie Betts of the Dodgers who was most worried about ghosts prior to LA's set at American Family Field, and he took things into his own hands. He was absolutely correct to do so.

Given the choice between staying with his team at Milwaukee's reportedly haunted Pfister Hotel and not doing that, Betts opted out, securing an Airbnb for three days instead.

While Airbnbs can be equally haunted in their own way (sometimes the host is just ... there), Betts did all he could to avoid a bunch of beer-swilling cheesehead ghosts, and for that we can't help but salute him.

Dodgers star Mookie Betts knows not to mess with ghosts at Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel

Betts told the media that the last time he stayed at the Pfister, he couldn't sleep, reacting to every noise as if it were an apparition making itself comfortable. Naturally, he opted to avoid that this time around, and all of you would do the same if you'd suffered through a night of insomnia.

Stories have been shared about this particular hotel for ages; even nice guy Michael Young of the Rangers, back in 2013, once said, "Oh, f*** that place." It would stand to reason that ... maybe ... MLB should stop booking the ghost hotel?

Clearly, the rest of the Dodgers should've followed Betts' lead, as the superstar outfielder went yardy to lead off Tuesday night's victory.

Unfortunately, the rest of the Dodgers are trapped in a room with no windows and noooooooo doors!

So far, it's been all happy haunts for Betts and his teammates. Let's keep it that way. Maybe book an Airbnb experience next time, too. I've heard Goat Yoga is typically ghost-free.