Nolan Arenado talking about possible Cardinals fire sale has Dodgers fans amped

Dodgers fans have been dreaming about Nolan Arenado in LA for years. Will it finally happen?

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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Technically, the Los Angeles Dodgers could use a third baseman. Max Muncy's held down the fort nicely at the hot corner, but Miguel Vargas being optioned to Triple-A might change the infield situation. Perhaps Muncy gets some second base reps. Maybe Mookie Betts gets more run in the infield.

Whatever the case, the Dodgers need to start looking beyond 2023 as well. There's another potential free agent exodus on the way (Muncy has a team option and DH JD Martinez will hit the open market) and if LA is truly prepping a run at Shohei Ohtani, it'd be best for them to exhibit some sort of stability beyond Betts, Freddie Freeman and Will Smith.

So how about Nolan Arenado?! Dodgers fans have been clamoring for the California native to one day play at Chavez Ravine, but it was much more of a pipe dream when he was with the Colorado Rockies since it was less likely he'd be traded within the NL West.

But now he's with the sputtering St. Louis Cardinals, who almost have no chance of making the postseason, prompting many insiders and analysts to believe a fire sale could be on the way ahead of the trade deadline.

Even Arenado acknowledged it himself during the All-Star festivities in Seattle. If that doesn't tell you the state of the Cards, then perhaps nothing will.

Dodgers Rumors: Nolan Arenado's comments make for hot trade deadline

Here's what Arenado told Jon Heyman of the New York Post when asked about his future with the RedBirds:

"It is a business, right? I’ve been traded once. I think that shocked a lot of people at that time. I guess it doesn’t surprise me anymore what happens in this game. It would still be surprising seeing some things happen. But I understand there are certain things that probably should.

Until that happens I try not to think about it. I understand what our position is. I understand things are probably going to happen. But until it involves me, I try not to give it too much thought."

Nolan Arenado via NY Post

The only thing that should get in the way of a possible Dodgers-Arenado deal is Shohei Ohtani becoming available. Otherwise, the Dodgers should go after an all-around difference-maker like Arenado and work on upgrading their pitching staff. Worry about the lineup configuration later.

Arenado is signed through 2027, and from 2024-2027, he'll carry a $27.25 million AAV. Really not bad. Such a deadline acquisition would also alleviate the Dodgers of further headaches when trying to acquire other players in the offseason. All of Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urías, Noah Syndergaard, JD Martinez, Blake Treinen, David Peralta, Daniel Hudson (and others) will be coming off the books. There will be plenty more work to be done.

Bringing in Arenado, who very much knows his fate in STL might be sealed, would help the Dodgers transition Muncy to DH for 2024 and give them another thumper in the 2023 lineup that could use a little bit more flexibility and consistency.