Padres fans attempting to troll Dodgers get humbled immediately with meltdown

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies
San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

When Mookie Betts said, "Every game is gonna be the other team's World Series" before the season started, non-Dodgers fans immediately jumped on him and called it a quote that would age poorly, but the teams LA has been facing haven't exactly been proving him wrong.

In the Dodgers' most recent series against the Padres, a pitch got away from Gavin Stone and ended up too close to Jurickson Profar's elbow for his liking. Will Smith stood up for his pitcher and benches quickly cleared. The Dodgers went on to beat the Padres 5-2, and Smith hit us with a quote for the ages during the postgame: "I don't know why we would have thrown at him...he's kind of irrelevant."

This brings us back to what Betts said. Profar jawing at a pitcher for a ball that clearly just got away from Stone and almost inciting a near-brawl in the first two weeks of the season did indeed make it seem like the Padres are thinking about the Dodgers a lot more than the Dodgers are thinking about the Padres.

Their fans certainly are, at least. Almost two weeks after the Profar-Smith incident, a Padres fan account took to Twitter to celebrate Profar's third home run of the season during the Padres' Thursday game against the Rockies by comparing his total to Smith's (1). They might have jinxed it, though, because the Padres proceeded to blow a 9-4 lead and lose to the Rockies.

Padres blow a four-run lead against the Rockies after fan account drags Dodgers for no reason

After Profar hit his two-run home run, the Padres' win probability was at a nice 94.2%, and when Eguy Rosario came up to drive in their ninth run of the afternoon, it only went up. And then the bottom of the eighth came around; San Diego's bullpen imploded and Colorado's offense exploded, completely turning the tables in a single frame and sending the win probability the exact opposite direction. (As Sarah Langs would say, "wheeee!").

Wandy Peralta came in to clean up a mess Yuki Matsui left: a man on second with a double and another at first on a walk. However, instead of doing any cleaning, Peralta threw two pitches for balls, and then a changeup stayed in the zone for Hunter Goodman to smash for a three-run home run to put the Rockies within two. Brenton Doyle closed the gap to one on an RBI single, then catcher Luis Campusano let a ball get passed him for another run. Elias Díaz put the final nail in San Diego's coffin by roping a double to score Doyle. 10-9, Rockies.

The Padres went down in order at the top of the ninth. Congrats to Profar on the third homer of the season, though.