Padres reportedly back in sell mode and Dodgers should fight for acquisition

Come on, AJ Preller ... you know you want to!

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres
Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages

Though everyone seems to be yelling about the likelihood the San Diego Padres won't trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers, don't forget these two teams made a deal last year for Matt Beaty, so anything's possible.

Heck, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox made a deal as recently as 2021 when Adam Ottavino was shipped up north. With how chaotic the trade deadline is each and every year, it's short-sighted to rule anything out. Weren't we just coming up with Shohei Ohtani trade packages for the Orioles? See what we're saying?

OK, fine, the Beaty trade wasn't a blockbuster. It wasn't a move that was necessarily going to change either team's fortune. And the fact the Dodgers made out like bandits certainly won't convince AJ Preller to dip back into the well.

But times have changed. The Padres are floundering and they have two major assets they could sell off. Reports are now suggesting they could indeed part with Josh Hader and/or Blake Snell, both of whom are free agents after this season.

Another layer to this? The Pads, if they're really going to follow through on this, badly need to replenish their farm system. So why is it so crazy if they pick up the phone to call a division rival and try to poach talent from one of the best prospect pools in MLB?

Dodgers should push for Blake Snell trade with Padres

If you're Preller, you control everything in talks regarding these two pitchers. And as smart as he is, he knows the Dodgers are desperate for starting pitching and it's more likely they pay for that over a bullpen piece.

In the bigger picture here, is someone like Snell really going to undoubtedly propel the Dodgers to a World Series? Everyone knows that's the fear -- helping a rival potentially win a championship. His presence certainly helps, but LA needs a number of other acquisitions to the pitching staff in order to handle the best offenses in the NL en route to a playoff run.

As for the Dodgers, they can get the best pitcher on the market, surrender assets they don't necessarily need, and target Snell as an extension candidate in the offseason, especially since they're running the risk of losing Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías.

Operating in fear of watching traded players succeed on teams you don't like is bad business, unless you're making an objectively bad/lopsided trade. That wouldn't be the case here. The price is clear. The exchange will more than likely benefit both sides for their different needs, and everyone will simply sit back and wait it out.

Preller obviously will have plenty of other teams to choose from as more come calling, but what's the harm of hearing what the Dodgers might offer if they're interested?