Pathetic Braves fans' trash talk after Marcell Ozuna HR riles up Dodgers fans

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves / Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

Yayyyyy the Atlanta Braves avoided the sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Dodgers by the skin of their teeth! Time to do the chop and dance around in circles after losing two out of three, because that's what real winners do! Because whenever you lose to two prospect pitchers and then win because Dave Roberts chose Phil Bickford over Evan Phillips, you've definitely earned the right.

The worst part is that Braves fans were defending the most indefensible player on the roster: Marcell Ozuna. The veteran slugger, quite frankly, shouldn't even be in the league because of his involvement in a domestic violence incident a couple years back. Either that, or he shouldn't be on the Braves' roster because he is not good.

There's never a reason to back this guy. But Braves fans of course -- of course! -- took offense to Dodgers catcher Will Smith saying something to Ozuna after the outfielder's backswing bonked Smith in the head on Monday.

So when Ozuna hit a go-ahead homer on Wednesday (and hit Smith with his bat AGAIN), Braves Twitter was quick to seek their "revenge" for Smith's very reasonable act of vocalizing his frustration with Ozuna, who is the only player in MLB consistently hitting catchers in the head with his bat.

Embarrassing for this fanbase, really.

Marcell Ozuna, Braves fans thought they had the upper hand on Dodgers for some reason

The Braves would then blow that lead and be gifted a win in the bottom of the ninth because Roberts tried to steal outs with Bickford. Not to mention, Bryce Elder got bailed out with lucky bounce after lucky bounce. Atlanta needed everything to go their way -- including a hitter as bad as Ozuna drilling a home run -- to squeak out a win against the Dodgers.

Braves fans must also have the memory of a gold fish because they didn't seem to realize there's the easiest rebuttal of all time for opposing fans when discussing anything relating to Ozuna. Even if he was batting .300 with a .900 OPS, we always have this:

But he's batting .211 with a .757 OPS, coming off his last full-season's worth of games as one of the most underwhelming hitters in all of baseball. So, sure, let's put up a picture of him hitting a home run on May 24 in every corner of Truist Park? Brilliant idea.

Too bad he's known for his mugshot more than any other home run he's hit in his career.