Shohei Ohtani having a blast with Dodgers rubs salt in wound for Angels fans

Los Angeles Dodgers Workout
Los Angeles Dodgers Workout / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

A lot has been and can be said about the Dodgers' offseason and their well of talent at pretty much every corner of the organization, but there's an undeniable vibe at Dodgers spring training that goes beyond business as usual. These guys are having fun.

With more eyes (and cameras) on Camelback than ever before, most players (but especially Shohei Ohtani) can't move without it being documented. Over the past week and some change since he reported to Glendale, he's been seen hanging out with Freddie Freeman and Joe Kelly's sons, teasing Freeman about his batting stance, and laughing with Dave Roberts.

His Dodgers teammates have already said that Ohtani's dedication to the sport and, more specifically, to being in peak condition after coming off of elbow surgery, is unique. Roberts said that he could be better than Barry Bonds both on the field and off, which seemed like a thinly veiled way of saying that Ohtani isn't a diva.

Ohtani does seem looser and more excited about being with the Dodgers than he ever did with the Angels, which is already incensing LAA fans everywhere. The Dodgers shared a video of Teoscar Hernández teaching Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto how to say 'good morning' to fans in Spanish, with smiles all around, which seems to be the theme of Dodgers' camp this year.

Shohei Ohtani is having the time of his life at Dodgers spring training

It makes sense that Ohtani would be happy to be away from the Angels, who finished fourth in their division last year, will never escape the stifling grip of owner Arte Moreno, and are paying $245 million to a guy who hates getting paid to play a game for a living. The Angels' outlook seems so grim that even the ever-faithful Mike Trout finally admitted that he'd be open to a trade under the right circumstances.

The Dodgers and Angels might play in the same city (on paper, anyway), but their projections for the 2024 season are night and day. It only makes sense that Ohtani is happy to be away from the Angels' franchise and is safely with a team that will almost certainly win over 100 games every season for the foreseeable future.

Optimism and fun are the moods at Dodgers' spring training, and it only spells good things for the future that this team is meshing so quickly as they head into live games.