Shohei Ohtani trolling Dave Roberts with toy Porsche will crack Dodgers fans up

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers
Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

In the weeks before Shohei Ohtani signed with the Dodgers, Joe Kelly's wife Ashley took to Instagram to launch what she called the 'Ohtake17' campaign, a hilarious reassurance to Ohtani that his usual No. 17 (which had belonged to her husband during his Dodgers tenure up until then) would be handed over more than willingly if Ohtani came to LA.

She offered him a slate of personalized '17' jerseys and caps her family already owned ("I already have your mom ready to go," she said as she showed off a jersey with 'Mama' on the back), and said that she'd already renamed her youngest son Kai 'ShoKai' in Ohtani's honor. When Ohtani announced his signing, she posted a follow up of herself dancing and gleefully throwing out all of her No. 17 jerseys.

The day before Christmas, another update: Kelly opened her front door to find a brand new electric Porsche parked on the street outside her driveway, a gift from Ohtani to thank her for her campaign.

Ohtani and his Porsches became a bit of a meme, and he had the perfect follow up. Ohtani came into Dave Roberts' office before their Saturday game against the Braves and told Roberts he'd bought him a car, before placing a small toy Porsche on Roberts' desk.

Then, just a few hours later, Ohtani hit his eighth home run as a Dodger to break his manager's Dodgers home run record for a Japanese-born player.

Shohei Ohtani (sort of) bought Dave Roberts a car before breaking his Dodgers home run record for a Japanese-born player

Roberts took two and a half seasons to set the home run record for a Japanese-born Dodger at seven, from 2002 to the trade deadline in 2004. Ohtani only needed 28 games to match it, 34 games to break it, and 35 games to make it ever-clearer that he was going to run away with that record over his next 10 seasons with the Dodgers.

After crushing the Braves 11-2 on Saturday, the Dodgers looked to complete the sweep on Sunday. Ohtani came through with a four-hit day — two singles and two home runs to bring his total to 10.

It's anything but surprising that Ohtani broke Roberts' record; if anything, it's a little surprising it took him this long, after a slow start to the season. When he rounded the bases on Saturday and came back to the dugout, Roberts greeted him with a massive smile and double high-fives.

He told the press after the game that he would buy Roberts a real Porsche when the Dodgers won the World Series. We're rooting for you to get that new car in November too, Doc.