This Succession finale theory has a shocking Dodgers history twist

HBO's "Succession" Season 3 Premiere
HBO's "Succession" Season 3 Premiere / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers probably didn't think they had a chance to get their franchise history Shiv'd on Memorial Day Weekend Sunday, but lo and behold, they might just get roped into the much-anticipated "Succession" finale.

With control of Waystar Royco up for grabs and Lukas Matsson and the GoJo deal looming, the Roy siblings (Kendall, Roman, Siobhan) are still floating somewhere in the "American CEO" soup. President-elect Mencken seems willing to approve the deal with a U.S. representative at the head. But who? Who?!?

According to one eagle-eyed viewer, Shiv's ex-partner Tom Wambsgans might just be able to pull off the coup because of the history of his last name.

Every naming detail on this show is intentional, from the "Roy" family of kings to Roman "Romulus" and, of course, the Shiv herself. So, with three siblings to take out at once, why ... would the name "Wambsgans" be completely random? Why wouldn't it refer to Bill Wambsganss, the Cleveland infielder who pulled off an unassisted triple play in the World Series against the Brooklyn Robins, otherwise known as the Dodgers, in 1920?

Dodgers World Series history could factor into "Succession" Finale

The original Wambsganss killed off three birds with one stone in the 1920 World Series; the "Dodgers" ultimately lost that series 5-2 (?) behind manager Wilbert Robinson (who became the temporary namesake for the "Robins").

Will Tom be able to pull off a ridiculous inside strait in the finale, knocking all three siblings off by himself? Or is he going to have to pull off a 6-6-3 triple play, with Greg serving as his first baseman?

The 1920 World Series was also, notably, the final series before 1980 featuring a pair of teams without a championship to their name. Could Tom really pull himself out of the loser's bracket in a similar situation in "Succession," a show packed with non-champions born on third base who believe they've hit triples?

Every theory will come to a head and be proven/disproven by late Sunday night in the attention-grabbing series finale of the HBO hit.