Tyler Glasnow takes parting shot at Rays after trade to Dodgers

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays / Mark Taylor/GettyImages

Last week, the Dodgers and Rays agreed to a four-player trade that sent Tyler Glasnow and Manuel Margot to Los Angeles and Ryan Pepiot and Jonny DeLuca to Tampa Bay. Glasnow being traded in the first place was less of a surprise than the team he was traded to and the extension he agreed to with them. He'll be making $136.5 million over the next five years ($27.5 million a year).

Glasnow appeared on a Zoom introductory presser Monday to speak as an official member of the Dodgers. As a native of the LA area, he talked about his excitement to be playing for his favorite childhood team and getting the opportunity to play alongside Shohei Ohtani. He's been gracious and complimentary toward the Rays following his departure, but he still left with a final word on Tampa Bay.

He noted the Dodgers and Rays have a ton of similarities, but one stark contrast: "I guess the only difference is that the Dodgers have a lot more money."

Tyler Glasnow takes parting shot at Rays after joining Dodgers in blockbuster trade

That's harsh but perhaps ... very fair. In August of last year, Glasnow signed a two-year, $30.35 million contract extension with the Rays and had his healthiest year to date in 2023 after coming off Tommy John surgery. He pitched a career-high 120 innings after not exceeding 100 since 2018.

The contract the Dodgers signed him to is optimistic; injuries have kept Glasnow from maximizing his potential, and he'll be 31 before the 2024 season ends. Maybe the Dodgers will be better than the Rays at keeping him healthy or better at helping him rehab if he does get injured. Either way, they clearly believe in him and themselves in that department, and expect him to be a workhorse starter for them atop the rotation.

Ironically enough ... that's something the Rays paid him to do at a rate they couldn't afford. All the while Glasnow didn't deliver. But Tampa got out of the money and found the big market version of themselves to take on the burden. All Glasnow did was say the quiet part out loud.