Underrated slugging Dodgers prospect with big-league brother is making a name for himself

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With Andy Pages hitting .310/.323/.586 at the major league level over his last five games, he's understandably taking up all of the air in the room when it comes to Dodgers prospects, but there are a host of other names down in the minors who are more than worth some attention.

No. 22 prospect Jake Gelof, whose last name might be familiar, is tearing his way through A-ball. His older brother Zack became the Oakland Athletics' everyday second baseman this season after an impressive showing last year, though he just went onto the 10-day IL with an oblique strain.

Jake is only two years younger, taken in the second round of last year's draft. He went into the draft after his junior year at the University of Virginia, when he became UVA's all-time home run leader.

In A-ball, he's hitting .323 with a 1.021 OPS, with two home runs, 22 RBI, and 17 walks in just 17 games.

Dodgers prospect Jake Gelof, younger brother of Athletics second baseman Zack, is blasting through the minors

His 2024 season so far has kind of come out of nowhere; last year through four games in Rookie ball and 30 games in A-ball, he only hit .226/.325/.459 with 27 RBI. This year, he's almost matched that number in exactly half the amount of games.

Gelof is teammates in A-ball with No. 4 prospect Josue De Paula, who also has 10 RBI under his belt so far this season, but he's been outshining De Paula so far, with more extra base hits and home runs.

With a projected major league landing in 2026, Gelof is still a ways away from being minor league ready, but he could have a leg up to finding a roster spot because he's the Dodgers' only pure third baseman in their top 30 prospects list.

His defense has been a bit of a downside for him (MLB Pipeline dubbed him "error-prone" and has some concerns about his range and arm), but if he can upgrade his skills out in the field, he could be a serious threat to take Max Muncy's spot at third (if the Dodgers exercise his club option). when his contract is up in 2026.