Yasiel Puig calls out Dodgers fan group for advertising 'fake' documentary

Kiwoom Heroes v Lotte Giants
Kiwoom Heroes v Lotte Giants / Chung Sung-Jun/GettyImages

Yasiel Puig's journey since leaving the Dodgers has mostly been flooded with potholes -- many of which were put in place, silently, before he departed Los Angeles.

Puig's Dodgers career officially ended after the 2018 season, when he was dealt to the Cincinnati Reds as part of the mega-swap that landed Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray in LA, while sending veterans like Matt Kemp and Alex Wood to Cincy. The groundwork for his departure had been laid long before that, though; according to reports, Puig silently settled with two different sexual assault accusers in 2017. The Dodgers went on to make two consecutive unsuccessful World Series trips with Puig as one of their franchise's faces after that fork in the road.

Now, Puig is on a redemption tour overseas, playing with Korea's Kiwoom Heroes. He is not a member of Cuba's World Baseball Classic team this offseason, and mostly exists under-the-radar; he hasn't played a major league game since 2019.

It's obviously an interesting story to tell, especially when combined with Puig's initial arrival in the big leagues, where he was rumored to be constantly under threat of retrieval by the Cuban government. Due to the serious nature of the accusations that surfaced after his time in Los Angeles, though, an unbiased perspective from an outside party is probably necessary.

Apparently, Puig doesn't see it that way. According to the outfielder, recent advertisements -- reposted by the Dodgers fan group Pantone294 -- for a "documentary" shoot about him are "fake," and any curious fans should wait for him to tell his own, "real" story.

Yasiel Puig cautions Dodgers fans against fake documentary

Puig's "real" documentary, which will be posted "on [his] social media," will also likely be an interesting tale, albeit an entirely different case. It's difficult to tell, but it appears the outfielder is lashing out just because something has been planned without his authorization, and not because it is without basis.

"An attempt to tell [Puig's] life by people who were never there" would likely not be worth anyone's time, but that sounds like a reactionary response to something potentially inflammatory. Likely, the best way to get the full story is by absorbing both potential pieces of content and judging for yourself.