Giants 10 – Dodgers 0, Ouch!


The enthusiasm behind the Dodgers 2 and 0 start came to a crashing halt today. I guess I should have known the outcome as soon as I posted the lineups eariler today. The Dodgers lineup looked more like a AAA squad than a team with hopes of winning a division title. Tomorrow actually becomes a very important litmus test for a team that looks to have 2 good young starting pitchers, and 1 real offensive threat.

I guess Dodger Nation can choose to look at the season in two ways. The glass half full group who looks at the team being 2-1, by beating 2 quality starting pitchers. Or the half empty group who acknowledge that short of the Giants throwing the ball all around the field this team could just as easily be 0 and 3 and will struggle all year to put up any offense.

I know we are only 3 games into the season, and I want to be a glass half full guy, but if tomorrow’s trend continues to be that the Dodgers only chance to score is when Matt Kemp comes to the plate, then I’m afraid of what may become of this team, that is clearly lacking offensive threats at C, 1B, 2B, 3B, & LF, and that’s a lot of holes to fill.

Stay tuned for ESPN’s Sunday night baseball to see if the Dodgers can respond to today’s 10 – 0 loss and restore the enthusiasm about this team that the Giant’s completely destroyed today.