Dodgers Activate Kuo Curiously Send Jansen to AAA


The Dodgers have activated Hong-Chih Kuo from the disabled list, a much needed addition to the NL’s worst bullpen. However the casualty who was sent down to make room for Kuo was Kenley Jansen. Don Mattingly summed up what seems to be the only reason why Jansen was chosen to be sent down,

"I don’t think he did anything wrong except have options"

Jansen has had two really bad outings that have inflated his ERA, but over the last week and a half has been pitching as well as anyone in the bullpen. His last 3 outings he’s pitched 4.2 innings striking out 9 while not allowing a hit. 9 of his 11 earned runs have come in 2 outings, and he has the highest KO rate at 14.85 per 9 innings pitched of anyone in MLB, with 13 innings pitched. So the guy in the bullpen who is the best at getting hitters to swing and miss is sent down to AAA?

The Dodgers chose to keep Lance Cormier on the roster instead, he has only pitched once in the last 2 weeks and only once all year long has he made it through an appearance without giving up a run. So a guy who never pitches, has given up 13 hits and 4 walks in only 8 innnings pitched remains on the roster. Genius move.

Add Cormier to the list of MLB journeymen the Dodgers continue to keep on their roster at the expense of developing their young talent, because by no means would we want to see any of the young guys on the roster get better when we have Aaron Miles and Dioner Navarro to carry an already anemic offense. At this rate if you were Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier would you want to sign a long-term contract to stay with the Dodgers?