Frank McCourt Just Can’t get Enough Frank McCourt


Okay seriously how far is Frank going to take this? I by no way mean to judge but how many times can you go on national/local media and sing the same song, and it’s not like he’s getting rave reviews. Today’s tour included The Dan Patrick Show this morning. Frank said basically the same stuff he said yesterday and afterward Dan just kept saying “something here just doesn’t add up.”  Listen to the entire interview by clicking here and you can tell how skeptical DP sounds about Mccourt’s pitch.

If that wasn’t enough Frank spent 15 minutes on KTLA blaming MLB for the Dodgers financial problems while taking no responsibility whatsoever for the nearly $500 million dollars worth of debt HE has racked up since taking over the club in 2004. It’s basically the same stuff he’s been saying over and over again but check out the video to see for yourself.

Oh and on the field the AAA lineup the Dodgers fielded today managed to score 1 run losing to the Cubs 5-1. More good news on the injury front (Insert Sarcasm) as Juan Uribe was hit by a pitch in the hand and had to leave the game. Fortunately X-rays were negative and the Dodgers hope Uribe can play in New York on Friday.

Who knows how many more appearances Mr. McCourt will make between now and then. If he’d spent nearly half the amount of time responsibly financially managing the Dodgers as he has trying to repair his reputation, the Dodgers would not be in the mess they currently are in.

One thing is for certain, as each day passes without McCourt’s golden ticket from FOX not being approved by MLB, his hold on ownership of the Dodgers becomes more and more tenuous. As Dodger fans let’ hope this rash of injuries stops because the product on the field is becoming less and less competitive as the injuries continue to mount.