Ethier’s Streak Comes to an End as Dodgers Drop 4th Straight


Andre Ethier went without a hit for the first time in 31 games. Yet sadly that isn’t even the worst news to come out of tonight’s Dodgers debacle. The Dodgers left 14 men on base, including the bases loaded 3 times, they also were a sickening 1-13 with runners in scoring position, making that a total of 2 for 23 with RISP in the last 2 games.  So what is manager Don Mattingly’s answer to a struggling lineup?

He removes Jerry Sands from the lineup, one of the few Dodgers who actually got a hit last night and scored a run and inserted Jay Gibbons. Gibbons failed to hit the ball out of the infield in 3 at-bats, including striking out by swinging at a pitch that was over his head. Great idea, let’s bench our young future middle of the order hitter, for an admitted steroid user who has complained of vision problems for months, and is now hitting .125 on the season.

Gibbons did earn some recognition tonight, he was given the ‘worst at bat of the year’ award on Twitter by Steve Parkhurst. Well done Jay we are so proud of you, NOT! Gibbons is so awful his name doesn’t even register using Baseball References player linker, see even they realize he shouldn’t be in the big leagues.

Sorry I am so sick of all of the garbage that is surrounding this team off the field, and the recent putrid performances on the field, combined with Mattingly’s bizarre lineup choices, that I’m going to have to shut it down before I start saying stuff I regret. I’m on the verge of a meltdown, something the dodgers bullpen continues to do at an alarming rate. Please Donny stop playing the MLB has beens like Jay Gibbons and Aaron Miles and start playing the young kids EVERY day.

Lasorda’s Lair will return tomorrow with our usual insight and analysis once I have had a chance to cool off, something the Dodgers bats have done since Tuesday.