Dodgers drop 50th Game of Season Behind Eugenio Velez While Jerry Sands Rakes at AAA


Today is the absolute epitome of how bad it sucks to be a Dodger fan. Eugenio freaking Velez started in LF, the 8th different left-fielder the Dodgers have used this year, while stud prospect Jerry Sands hit his 13th HR and drove in 5 runs in AAA. Jerry Sands shouldn’t be in AAA, Eugenio Velez should never step foot in Dodger Stadium as a starter. Eugenio Velez made a costly error leading to a run, went 0-for-4 at the plate and ironically made the last out of the game as the tying run. Jerry Sands could have tied the game with 1 swing of the bat, Eugenio Velez couldn’t hit it out of the infield.

So the big question is why in the HELL is Eugenio Velez even playing for the Dodgers when Jerry Sands should be developing as the left-fielder of the future. Ned you promised us you didn’t block Jerry when you signed Thames and Gibbons. They didn’t pan out, get over it. Now Sands is not playing so Eugenio Velez can start? Really?

Call Sands up NOW and stick him in LF and let him grow. Young players are going to struggle. So what. Eugenio Velez is not part of the future of this team. Jerry Sands is. The only solace I can take out of another miserable day as a Dodger fan is we’re 1 day closer to July 20th.

Frank McCourt has not addressed the team ONCE this season. Seriously? LAME! This is life as a Dodger fan? There is no single reason why Jerry Sands should be destroying AAA pitching while Dodger fans have to endure Eugenio Velez. Nice,  keep it classy guys and get our prospects back in LA where they belong NOW. Oh yeah and pay Vin Scully the $150K you owe him. Him being listed as a creditor in a bankruptcy file is just disgusting. But that’s the life of a Dodger fan these days.