Matt Kemp Matt Kemp

Dodgers Try to Win Series vs. D-Backs


Today is another illustration of just how fantastic Matt Kemp has been this year. Why you ask? Today his protection in the lineup is Aaron Miles, and one could argue that’s about as good as it could be for Kemp this year when compared to Loney, Rivera, Uribe etc…IE crappy. Kemp has homered in both games post All-Star break including a bomb last night that hit about 40 feet above the 407 ft mark on the center-field wall.

Kemp has as many homers in the last two games as he did in the Home Run Derby, and is now hitting over .350 on the road this season. Hopefully the Dodgers front office disaster doesn’t cost the franchise the opportunity to retain Kemp’s services over the long-term and he can be locked up much like the other young stars in the N.L. West, Justin Upton, Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki.

Here is the Dodgers lineup for today’s series finale against Arizona.

1. Tony Gwynn Jr LF

2. Jamey Carroll SS

3. Andre Ethier RF

4. Matt ‘MVP’ Kemp CF

5. Aaron Miles 2B

6. Jamey Loney 1B

7. Juan Uribe 3B

8. Rod Barajas C

9. Ted Lilly P

Things to watch today. How many first pitches will Juan Uribe swing at and how many balls in the dirt will he hack at? Can James Loney hit the ball out of the infield? Will the D-Backs continue to pitch to Matt Kemp? Why would you? How many Home Runs will Ted Lilly allow?

Finally good luck to the USA Women’s World Cup squad. It’s remarkable that as the NFL and NBA lockout and squabble over how to divide approx $15 billion dollars, that women’s soccer can captivate the nation like it is. Good luck ladies we’re all pulling for you!