Dodgers Losing Streak vs Giants Now at 6 Games


The last time the Giants had a six game winning streak against the Dodgers was in 1969, well we can now update that to 2011. The year that will life in infamy as one of the most depressing for Dodgers fans just keeps rolling along. Tonight the team managed 5 hits and actually scored 3 runs but that wouldn’t be enough against the defending champs.

After falling behind 2-to-0 the Dodgers rallied to take a 3-to-2 lead. However that lead would be short lived as once again the bullpen let them down, this time it was Hong-Chih Kuo who couldn’t retire Giants rookie Brandon Belt who finished the night with a Homer and 3 RBI.

The Dodgers are now 14.5 games out of first place and all of this talk about just being a 10 game winning streak away from getting back in the race seems quite ridiculous at this point. What’s even more frustrating is the Giants turned to their top rookie prospect as they are right in the middle of the playoff hunt, and he produced in a big way.

Meanwhile the Dodgers top rookie prospects continue to toil in AAA where they are having great success, but at some point shouldn’t they be brought up to the Major Leagues to get experience at the best level? Judging by the way things have gone with this organization lately I wouldn’t imagine that common sense or the long-term benefit of the franchise would be in the interest of those in charge. So Dodger fans can continue to watch Tony Gwynn Jr, Rafael Furcal, Juan Rivera and Eugenio Velez take away from the growth and development of Jerry Sands, Dee Gordon and Trayvon Robinson.

Oh and remember last yer when Ned Colletti literally just gave up on James McDonald and another prospect to rent Octavio Dotel for a month only to turn around and dump Dotel for basically nothing? Well McDonald hasn’t been lights out for the Pirates but he has been okay, he’s got better numbers than Ted Lilly, but then again who doesn’t. McDonald went scoreless for almost 7 innings tonight for the Pirates as they won again. Is it just me or would you rather see J Mac who makes about 400K be pitching for the Dodgers instead of Lilly who makes 11 million? But hey what do I know.

So when the Dodgers needed to show up for once, step up and smack the Giants in the mouth and get within 10 games of first place, they have instead whimpered now for 2 straight games. In fact the Giants had as many hits tonight as the Dodgers have had in the entire series so far. But hey they are just a 10 game winning streak from being back in it right?

Clayton Kershaw will try to salvage the final game of the series tomorrow against Tim Lincecum. A fantastic pitching matchup. Hopefully the Dodger offense will step up and give Kershaw a couple of runs, usually that’s all he needs to get the job done.

Rubby De La Rosa didn’t have his best stuff tonight, although he did hit 100MPH on the radar gun, but he battled, didn’t allow any walks, and only gave up 2 earned runs. He kept his team in the game but with this Dodger offense, if Matt Kemp isn’t homering every night then there’s no way they are going to be able to overcome a team putting a 5 spot on the board.

The attention now turns to the much anticipated Dodgers vs MLB bankruptcy hearing tomorrow. Can you believe that Frank McCourt and his attorneys had the gall to say that being forced to accept the MLB bankruptcy financing would be like making a deal with the devil. After all, why would Frank want financing that saves him nearly $15 million in interest and fees when they can obtain financing at a higher interest rate that does include the fees?

So another day in the books for the 2011 disaster Dodgers and once again we head to the courts. Hopefully this will all be settled sometime during my lifetime, I don’t know how much more of this I can take!