Greetings Dodgers Fans From Maui


Lasorda’s Lair has departed on our big summer vacation to the beautiful island of Maui. The bad news is I was en-route while Clayton Kershaw was schooling the Giants yesterday. I actually had a brief layover in San Fran and floated the idea of taking a later flight and going to the game, but damn the change fees were steep. So I had to wait until I landed to find out just how dominant Kershaw was.

The good news is that when we got to our house, which just so happens to be right next to the ocean, we flipped on the TV to find out that the cable package here carries Prime Ticket. So I will actually get to see the Dodgers this week, how lame am I that I will be sitting in front of a TV while I’m in Maui, watching a team that’s 12 games under .500. Oh well that’s the price you pay to be a Dodgers fan.

Major props to my Pops for scoring us such a sweet crib in the beautiful town of Napili. Kapalua golf club is about a mile up the road, the water right off of our patio is full of turtles, but the only complaint besides Frank McCourt still owning the Dodgers, is it’s been raining and overcast most of the day. I’m sure you all feel so sorry for me.

Speaking of McCourt, there still wasn’t a ruling today in the bankruptcy case aka McCourt’s deal with the devil. I’m not going to even try and get into all of the legal mumbo jumbo of the case, rather I would refer you to Dodger Josh Fisher is an attorney and is a lot smarter than any of us when it comes to this mess.

One fascinating thing on his site is the McCourt enterprise organizational chart, this is a fantastically disturbing read. I’m not exactly sure where the Dodgers fit in the flow chart, but Frank has broken the organization into 29 separate entities according to the chart. Again I’m no expert and I have no idea if this is common practice among MLB clubs but what the hell? This is so confusing and to me further illustrates that the welfare of the Dodgers themselves doesn’t seem to be the top priority of those in charge.

Anyway why dwell on this mess. It’s there, it’s something that will hurt this franchise for years to come so whatever. What is important is that on the field Clayton Kershaw has turned into one of the top pitchers in all of Major League Baseball. Yesterday was the 6th time this year he has struck out 10 or more batters in a game, and that’s the best in all of baseball.

The Dodgers may have lost 2 out of 3 to the Giants, but when it came to the battle of the Aces the Giants skinny little hippy couldn’t best the Dodgers big strong Texan. Let’s just hope that the nonsense that’s going on in the Dodgers front office doesn’t cost them the opportunity to retain Kershaw’s services for the next decade.

So Mahalo Dodgers fans, the Nationals are on their way to Dodger stadium. Unfortunately Kershaw won’t pitch in the series so the Dodgers aren’t guaranteed to win at least one game.

Keep an eye on Danny Espinosa, the young second-baseman has some serious pop, he has 17 homers, 55 RBI, and 12 steals. Only Rickie Weeks has more homers for a second-baseman. Think the Nat’s would take Lilly, Uribe and Guerrier for Espinosa? Yeah me neither.

Another thing I know about the Nat’s from my Fantasy baseball team’s experience is Jayson Werth has been awful this year, he’s barely hitting over .200, has only 11 homers and has struck out almost 100 times. Yet he got $120+ million from the Nats, that sounds like the kind of contract Ned Colletti would offer.

But just watch, this weekend at Dodger Stadium will be the time that Werth get’s going, that seems to be how it works for the Dodgers these days.