Please Make it Stop


As Trayvon Robinson flourishes in Seattle making a mockery of Ned Colletti for trading a legit 23 year old 5 tool prospect for organizational depth at catcher, the Dodgers will once again trot out Eugenio Velez in the starting lineup today.

Velez you’ll remember is yet another former Giant castoff who has gone on to do less as a Dodger than he did as a Giant, sound familiar? It should just look at Juan Uribe and Jason Schmidt. Meanwhile Trayvon Robinson has homered and topped Sportscenter with the top defensive “Web Gem” of the night during his first 2 games.

I read an article from a Blog on NBC Sports Hardball talk and the comment they made about Robinson was:

"The success really isn’t all that surprising. Robinson posted a .293/.375/.563 slash line, 26 home runs, nine stolen bases and 71 RBI in 100 games with the Dodgers’ Triple-A club before last Sunday’s trade. It remains a mystery as to why the Los Angeles front office felt he needed to be dealt this summer."

Yes it is a mystery why Jerry Sands is in AAA, why the Dodgers traded such a talent in Robinson for a average catcher who is no better than a half dozen other catchers in their organization and most puzzling is why a guy who hasn’t had a single hit all year and has never been a good major leaguer continues to get playing time for the Dodgers.

But that’s life as a Dodgers fan it seems we are all paying for the sins of Frank and Jamie McCourt. Thanks a lot.