So Just What Did the Dodgers Get in Return for Trayvon Robinson?


Ned Colletti has virtually been universally blasted for his controversial trade of top prospect Trayvon Robinson, minutes before the trade deadline.  The term “Organizational Depth” being used to describe the players the Dodgers received in return, instead of the players skill set it usually not a good thing. 

Well Lasorda’s Lair is going to try and attempt what we don’t think we haven’t seen anyone else do so far, take an in-depth look at Tim Federowicz, Stephen Fife and Juan Rodriguez. We will do so from a variety of scouting sites, Red Sox blogs and more. We will do all we can to build a case for Ned Colletti that in some bizarro universe this trade actually makes sense for the Dodgers.

It’s going to be difficult but at the very least Ned deserves the benefit of the doubt, but only because he turned Milton Bradley into Andre Ethier. Lasorda’s Lair’s readers deserve to be the most informed Dodgers fans about the 3 prospects aka “Organizational Depth” the team just acquired. So be patient, it’s not going to be an easy task to make a case that the Dodgers are now a better team without Trayvon, in fact it may be impossible, but we’re going to give it a shot.

Check back in a couple of hours after I have collected all of the data possible and sorted it into a readable article. And just for the record I still don’t approve of the trade, but it’s done so we might as well see what these guys are made of, consider yourself teased…