Great News for Bryan Stow


Of all of the great things that happened with the Dodgers this year, Matt Kemp’s run at the triple crown, Clayton Kershaw pulling off the pitching triple crown, and Kenley Jansen setting the MLB record for K’s per 9 IP. Today’s news about Bryan Stow might just be the most positive Dodgers news all year thus far.

By now we are all familiar with the tragic story of Bryan Stow and the terrible struggles he and his family have had to endure since he was the victim of a cowardly act of violence by some idiot Dodgers fans on opening day.

Stow has battled every day since to get his life back and today news surfaced that after nearly 7 months he was transferred out of the hospital and into a rehabilitation center, which is obviously fantastic news and quite miraculous, considering just how dire his medical condition was. According to MSNBC who has an article from the AP:

"“Stow’s move into rehab is a step forward in his recovery after he suffered serious brain injuries in the March attack that had left him barely clinging to life.”"

Stow’s doctor Geoff Manley described Stow as:

"“An extremely challenging patient, It has been a roller coaster, but he is young and strong and has made tremendous advances.”"

Stow is by no means out of the woods yet as he is:

"“Starting to get up but not quite walking”"

But the fact that he has made it this far is extremely positive news. Most diagnosis after the attack predicted Stow would never again lead a normal life and may never come our of his coma. He has remained amazingly positive throughout this ordeal and the latest news is a testament to his desire to overcome the terrible adversity some lame Dodgers fans subjected he and his family to.

Here’s hoping Bryan continues to progress and that he is on the field to throw out the first pitch on opening day next season. Stay strong Bryan, Dodgers fans all around the country are rooting for you.