Which Dodger Will Get the Axe?


The Todd Coffey signing has caused a ripple effect in the Dodger roster. In order to make room for Todd Coffey, someone must be let go from the 40 man roster, which is currently full at the moment. So today I will look at the Dodgers current 40 man roster and see where we can trim and tuck and what dead weight we can shed from the roster. So let’s take a look and see, who are the candidates to get the axe?

Ramon Troncoso

Troncoso is the 28 year old right handed Dominican pitcher who signed with the Dodgers in 2002, and didn’t make his MLB debut until 2008. He appeared in 32 games in 2008. The next year in 2009 he had his best season. He pitched in 73 games, posted a 5-4 record, 6 saves, and a 2.72 ERA. Then we don’t know what happened to Troncoso exactly, other than extreme overuse. With the disappearance of Ronald Belisario, in 2010, Troncoso’s arm began to go bye bye. That season he appeared in 52 games, and was 2-3 with a 4.33 ERA. Troncoso started the 2011 season in Albuquerque, but was called up to the Dodgers later. Tron pitched in 18 games last year and posted a high ERA of 6.75, allowing 38 hits, in 22 innings, and posting a 15.1 hits per nine rate. Just atrocious. Troncoso was once very valuable for his sinker ball, inducing many ground outs in 2009. Then after his clear overuse at the hands of Joe Torre, Troncoso lost his sinker. It was all downhill from there. Yes Troncoso is clearly garbage now, but how long do we really need to hang on to him? Room must be cleared for the big man. I’m sorry to say but Troncoso is expendable.

Ivan De Jesus Jr.

I’m nominating De Jesus as the prime candidate to get the axe. I mean he is just asking for it. He has been a huge disappointment ever since the Dodgers drafted him in the second round of the 2005 amateur draft. He is 24 years old, so it can be said that he is still young enough to improve, but hes never lived up to his potential, and probably never will. His ceiling may never get that high. He was terrible in 17 games for the Dodgers last season in his MLB debut. He has hit well in his two seasons in Albuquerque, but I mean come on, its Albuquerque, plus he has no power. He bats right handed, and primarily plays second and short, but has experience in the minors playing some games at third base. There has also been questions about his attitude and work ethic. He has fallen out of favor with the Dodgers. The dead wood must be thrown from the roster, so I won’t shed a tear if IDJ is given the boot.

Russ Mitchell

Poor Mitchell. I mean hes done nothing wrong. Nothing. He is a nice guy that has done everything the Dodgers have asked of him. While the Dodgers were sweeping away the likes of Xavier Paul, and Jay Gibbons, and Juan Castro, somehow Mitchell survived the axe. Honestly I’ve been rooting for the guy. Mitchell is 26, and has been in the minors ever since the Dodgers drafted him in 2003. He was nothing more than minor league fodder, until he was called up to the Dodgers in 2010. He had two token call ups in 2010, and 2011. He played in 15 games in 2010, and 25 games in 2011, batting .143, and .157, so obviously he can’t hit a lick. However he is pretty versatile. He plays third base, left field, and has had games at first base as well. He did hit two home runs with the Dodgers in 2010, and two last year, one being a game-tying home run in the The Fog Game. I would rather Troncoso, or De Jesus get the axe, but if Mitchell must go, then he must.

4. Move Rubby De La Rosa from the 15 day DL, to the 60 day DL.

There you have it Dodger fans. There are three Dodgers that are on the bubble, that could possibley receive the axe. There is also another option. The Dodgers could move Rubby De La Rosa from the 15 day disabled list, to the 60 day disabled list, creating a free spot on the roster. That kind of move would not surprise me given the Dodger’s M.O. of trying to keep as many team controlled players as they can. Either way, room must be made for Coffey on the 40 man roster. Somebody might have to get the axe. Its never fun to have to give someone the pink slip, but it is a natural unavoidable part of Baseball life. It must be done. So who do you think will get the axe Dodger fans? What do you think the Dodgers will do? Will the hand of Baseball fate reign down upon any of these three Dodgers? Keep it here to find out. Go Blue.