Dodgers: Breaking Down This 50 Game Stretch

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There are hot teams that play well for a stretch of games or even an extended stretch, but then there are the 2017 Dodgers. Yesterday the Dodgers became the first team since 1912 to go 43-7 in the span of 50 games.

The Dodgers achieved this feat, which had not been seen in 105 years, after defeating the New York Mets 7-4 by hitting five home runs. Home runs are one of the key factors to their success during this stretch. I will compare the hitting statistics between the Dodgers and their opponents during this incredible run.

As I previously mentioned, home runs have been a big part of the story this season for Los Angeles. Over the past 50 games, the Dodgers have hit 96 home runs, which is almost about two home runs a game. On the flip side, Dodgers pitching has only given up 52 in that same span.

The team has accumulated 451 hits over this timeframe, which comes out to an average of 9.02 hits per game. This high average has lead to a team batting average of .269! This has resulted in scoring 206 runs for an average of 4.12 runs per game.

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In addition, the team drew 217 walks while striking out 424 times. This means that the Dodgers have had more hits than strikeouts over the last 50 games! This is very impressive especially given the fact that the pitcher’s bat in the National League. These are incredible offensive numbers for any team, but these numbers alone would not bring about the success the team has experienced.

These impressive offensive numbers, coupled with impressive pitching numbers, have propelled the Dodgers to victory 43 of the last 50 attempts. The Dodgers have one of the best starting rotations and bullpens in the league, and they have been stellar as of late.

The pitching staff has allowed only 367 hits in 1665 at bats over the last 50. This is an average of 7.34 hits a game. This means that the Dodgers offense is averaging a little more than 1.5 hits a game than their opponents. The 367 hits in 1665 at bats equate to a .220 batting average, which is much lower than the offensive numbers being produced. The staff has allowed 160 runs for an average of 3.2 runs a game. This is total runs per game, which means the total earned runs per game (ERA) is less!

The staff has limited the runs scored because they only allowed 123 walks while striking out 462. This is a strikeout to walk ratio of 3.75/1 that would be solid for any pitcher, let alone an entire staff.

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As you can see from the numbers over this amazing run, the Dodgers offense has been spectacular and has grabbed all the headlines due to the home runs and the fashion in which the Dodgers find ways to win. But the pitching staff cannot be over looked. They have been stellar and have kept the Dodgers in games and buys the offense time to get going and put on a display this display that has Los Angeles buzzing. It has been a total team effort.

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