Dodgers Have Chance to Be Greatest National League Team Ever

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 29: Pinch hitter Justin Turner
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 29: Pinch hitter Justin Turner /

This Dodgers team has a legitimate chance to become the greatest National League Squad Ever… IF they keep up their sweltering pace and prove to be the last ones standing.

You know who has enjoyed watching this Dodger ballclub more than anybody? Dodgers announcer Joe Davis. Nobody is talking about Joe Davis replacing Vin Scully anymore. All anyone can talk about is how good the Dodgers are, which makes all this winning a year after Vin hung it up all the more bittersweet.

But let’s give Joe some credit here. He’s been legitimately enjoyable to listen to with numerous quality walk-off calls, tidbits and stories to choose from. His age, compared to his fellow broadcasters around the league, has him looking like the Julio Urias of the microphone. He’ll only get better as the years go by (So long as he doesn’t blow out his vocal cords). His main partner in the booth, Orel Hershiser, has been…ummm…(quick, say something, so it doesn’t get awkward) Orel is a great guy and an All-Time Dodger great.

Both men’s lives are routinely made easier by calling the action from quite possibly, the greatest team ever. No, that sounds too crazy to be true. The East Coast Baseball think tank Illuminati would never allow it to become fact.

But the truth is, it’s the second week of August now, and this 115-win paced Dodgers team has a chance to break the All-Time regular season win total. They could very well win the World Series too.

The unreal depth the Dodgers have keeps every single player on the roster honest, allowing for nothing less than maximum effort and sustained success. Otherwise, jobs could be lost. The team has won 44 of their last 51 games. They’ve lost only three times since the fourth of July. The Dodgers are 36 games up on the Giants. (HAH). Dodgers Way‘s Ryan Vargas has all the recent mind-blowing numbers here.

All that should at least put them in discussion to be the greatest National League team ever right? Certainly, if they win it all. Let’s peek at the main competition here. Many arguments can be made here for different teams obviously. I myself see two primary adversaries.

1907 Cubs

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With household names like Orvall Overall, Mordecai Brown, Joe Tinker and Slappy Mcgillicuddy leading the way, (ok one of those is made up) it’s easy to see why these Cubs won 107 games and the World Series. I mean they had big Frank Schulte leading the team with two home runs. All their pitchers combined had a 1.73 ERA!

Perhaps being that 11 decades have passed, it’s hard to compare statistics here. It should be noted that in the previous season, the club set the all-time wins record of 116 (shared with the ’01 Mariners) but faltered in the World Series. Only the 1907 Cubs get listed here because even though they won nine fewer games, they won the World Series. Those Mariners didn’t even make the big stage.

1975 Reds

These names are a bit more recognizable and the numbers a little more comparable. Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan. They won 108 games and the World Series. Morgan was the MVP, Bench led the team with 28 homers and Rose hit a cool .320.

The Dodgers look to have more power than this team as they look to have six or seven guys eclipse the 20 homer mark. Puig could hit 30 and Bellinger could swat 40 on the year. However, only one starter on that Reds team hit below .274 on the season. It’s hard to deny the overall hitting ability and speed of the 1975 Reds team, so I’ll give them the edge on offense.

Pitching wise it looks like the Dodgers have the upper hand. While no slouches themselves with a 3.37 ERA, the Reds just don’t have the names in the rotation or the bullpen to match up against the likes of Kershaw, Darvish, Wood and Jansen.

While exercises like these may be fun, it’s important to note that is all they are at the moment. Until these Dodgers find away to finally conquer their postseason demons, their regular season dominance doesn’t amount to much. Certainly not in the history books. Definitely not to the Dodger faithful.

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If the Dodgers want to be known as the greatest National League team of all time, they’re going to have to win the whole dang thing.