Dodgers: Updates on the Justin Turner and Corey Seager Injuries

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 1: Corey Seager
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 1: Corey Seager /

The finish line is inching closer and closer, and the Dodgers are limping their way to it. Their streaky play combined with injuries to two of their star players has made sure that the season ends with a little bit of suspense.

The two injuries mentioned previously are to Justin Turner and Corey Seager, the dynamic duo on the left side of the diamond. With these two stars dealing with injuries, do the Dodgers have a real concern as October approaches?

Justin Turner sustained his injury on Thursday as he took an inside fastball off the hand from Phillies pitcher Mark Leiter. The good news is that x-rays came back negative and they diagnosed his injury as just a bruised thumb. The bad news is that it’s never a good sight to see one of your stars take one off the hand.

Turner would most likely be right to play in a game sometime this week, but I guess that the Dodgers take it slow, especially now that they have clinched the NL West.

Corey Seager has been dealing with multiple injuries, one that was recently sustained and one that he has been dealing with since August.

The recent injury he sustained was a leg contusion, which stemmed from him fouling a pitch off his ankle. The injury is very common and is not something the team should be too worried about.

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Seager has been dealing with an elbow injury which has affected his play at short and at the plate as he has a .173 batting average since he missed his first game on August 28th. The injury is only fixable with offseason surgery, and Dave Roberts insisted that Corey would be ready for the playoffs.

These two star infielders being injured is not too worrisome as the Dodgers have locked up their spot in the postseason, but they have to finish the year strong if they hope the keep home-field advantage.

The best-case scenario for the team is that the Dodgers let the two players rest up before the season ends and they come into the postseason as healthy as possible.

The Dodgers currently have a 4.5 game lead over the Nationals for the best record in the NL, so as long as they can sustain that lead, they shouldn’t worry about the red-hot Indians possibly taking over the best record in the MLB.

If the playoffs started today, the Dodgers would face the wild card winner, which is shaping up to be the Arizona Diamondbacks. Then if they advanced past them, they would face the winner of the Cubs and Nationals.

All these teams are legitimate threats and having Corey Seager and Justin Turner healthy and in there to battle with them is a huge advantage.

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For the time being, Dodgers fans should not be too worried about the injuries to the duo. Corey Seager’s elbow is a bit worrisome, but it looks like an injury that the team can worry about in the winter.

Right now, the focus should be on getting these two players healthy, because without them the Dodgers will have a very tough mountain to climb to make their World Series dreams a reality.