Dodgers: Stanton Acquisition Would Provide Much Needed Insurance

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 1: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 1: Giancarlo Stanton /

It was announced Thursday afternoon that the Giants and Cardinals were both out on Giancarlo Stanton. The Dodgers now appear to be a likely candidate to land the slugger.

By now, Dodger fans have experienced quite the emotional roller coaster. We have gone from expecting Giancarlo Stanton or Shohei Otani to come to Los Angeles, to fearing that they would both land in San Francisco. And here we are again, possibly seconds away from a deal being reached for the Miami slugger. This, of course, is still all hopes and dreams, for all we know Stanton could still be playing in Miami this summer.

But he’s not a Giant for the moment, and neither is Otani. And Dodger fans everywhere let out one collective a very deep sigh of relief. After all, 2018 is an even year and the Giants have made Los Angeles dread those. So while we cannot comment on whether Stanton will be wearing Dodger blue in 2018, we can say why we HOPE he will. One reason is simply insurance for a young and relatively inexperienced lineup.

There’s no doubt that the Dodgers were a phenomenal team last year, they did win 104 games. The concern however, is where the production came from. No one really expected Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger to have the sort of seasons that they did. That being said, there’s always the chance that 2017 was the best season either of them will ever have. The sophomore slump for Cody Bellinger could be a very real thing, considering how he trailed off as the season went on.

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Another concern could be with Yasiel Puig. He’s so hot and cold, you never really know what you’re going to get out of him. He has a solid season with a .263/.346/.487 slash line, but who knows if that will carry over into 2018.

And then there is the whole issue with Corey Seager’s elbow, and the extent of his pain. The question is whether he’ll continue to produce at a high level, or if he’ll have to have surgery mid season.

That’s the insurance that Stanton adds. Truthfully, Los Angeles doesn’t need him. With their glut of outfielders as it is along with incoming talented prospects, Stanton is certainly a luxury more than a necessity.

But his presence could do a whole lot for a team that came within one game of winning their first World Series since 1988. He’s not just the reigning MVP, he’s the home run king. He has hit an incredible 267 home runs over his 8 year career.

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If you take out the two years shorted by injury or otherwise, he has averaged over 36 long balls per season. In fact, he’s averaging a round tripper every 13 at bats at the big league level. It’s safe to say that the addition to Los Angeles would make for one terrifying lineup. not needed, but definitely wanted.