Dodgers: Random things we have learned about Dodger players in quarantine

Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

One benefit of Major League Baseball being on pause is the personality quirks we have learned about Los Angeles Dodgers players.

Admit it, you have developed some strange habits while living under quarantine. When’s the last time you wore a pair of jeans? Have you found a new favorite snack? What strange shows are you binge-watching? Do you shower three times per day, or every other day?

Without baseball news to report on, one of the most interesting things to track about the Dodgers has been their routines during quarantine. I thought it would be fun to highlight a few things we have learned about Dodger players during these strange times.

Cody Bellinger’s eating habits

Apparently, Chipotle is the meal of champions. The 2019 National League MVP told SportsNet LA that he has been eating lots of Chipotle while waiting out the pandemic in Arizona.

Besides downing burritos, Cody Bellinger has been playing a few hours of Call of Duty each day, something his teammates have picked up on. Clayton Kershaw recently joked he couldn’t live in a “bubble” to play baseball in Arizona for four months if it meant he had to spend all of his free time playing video games with Bellinger.

Joe Kelly is your favorite Zoom buddy

The fact that Joe Kelly was so quick to change his background to something hilarious during the Dodgers Zoom Party gives you a hint that he knows how to navigate around the video service app. It’s more than a few clicks to change your background—true me, I know. My seven-year-old actually taught me how to do it a few weeks ago.

Kelly has found more productive ways to keep busy during the shutdown. His wife gave birth to twins last month.

Nobody trusts Joc Pederson with children

On their new podcast, Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis have been asking players which Dodger would be the least trustworthy as a babysitter.

Interestingly, Joc Pederson‘s name comes up unanimously.

The 28-year-old outfielder will have plenty of time to improve his skills around young kids as he recently announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child.

Dodger announcers like to BBQ

While not a Dodger player, Joe Davis might be the MVP of the quarantine through his cooking videos. It turns out Davis knows how to throw down in the kitchen, or more accurately, on the grill.

He has posted several instructional cooking videos during the break. My favorite is his lesson on how to grill a Tomahawk steak using a regular charcoal grill and Green Egg, which he inspired Orel Hershiser to later purchase.

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If you have a favorite thing you have learned about the Dodgers while they have been stuck at home like the rest of us, drop it in the comments!