Dodgers: Tommy Lasorda returns home from hospital in amazing update

Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda has returned home from the hospital!

After over a month of waiting for positive news that, well, we couldn’t be absolutely certain would come, Dodgers fans finally have an off-field reason to celebrate on Tuesday.

Just 24 hours after receiving the sobering news of Mrs. Sandra Scully’s passing while still holding their breath about their Hall of Fame manager’s status, MLB insider Jon Heyman broke the news that Tommy Lasorda finally made the return trip home from the hospital on Tuesday.

The 93-year-old battled his way out of the ICU in December, and though he didn’t quite make it home for the holidays, the timing isn’t important here. This is the best news we could’ve asked for, regardless of the date.

Lasorda, the current oldest living Hall of Famer, transcended the game of baseball with his boisterous personality, which allowed him to ascend elsewhere in the world of sports and entertainment.

2020 was a tragic year by every metric, of course, but the Baseball Hall of Fame was hit specifically hard. Seven all-time legends lost their lives, from Al Kaline in the spring to knuckleballer Phil Niekro in the waning days of the unrelenting year.

Lasorda battled, though, and can continue to carry on the history of the game to future generations.

The boisterous Lasorda — who never met a mascot he didn’t like — got to watch the current Dodgers manager Dave Roberts join his fraternity of champions this October.

Against all odds, Lasorda attended the World Series (in Texas!) in person, and was part of the massive contingent of Dodgers fans that made a cold airplane hangar in the desert bleed blue during the crucial deciding game.

Lasorda piloted Los Angeles to an upset World Series win in 1988, as well as a victory over the hated Yankees in 1981. But it feels safe to say this might be his greatest, and most deserved, win yet.