Dodgers: NY Times exposé discusses Tommy Lasorda and son

The details of Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda’s death have been revealed.

It’s been a rough week for Los Angeles Dodgers fans. Forget baseball. Forget transactions. Forget free agency. It’s all been about family.

First, Vin Scully’s wife Sandra passed away last week after a lengthy battle with ALS. That came out of left field and had everyone floored. Then, Dodgers legendary manager Tommy Lasorda died a few days ago, shortly after he was released from the hospital after suffering a heart attack. He was 93 years old.

The details surrounding Lasorda’s death haven’t been discussed at length, though the New York Times touched on a few more specifics on Monday while reigniting a controversy most haven’t thought about in years: the relationship between the legendary manager and his son, who was a homosexual who passed away from AIDS complications, largely in silence.

Difficult to examine this, especially while the mourning process is still ongoing, but definitely a necessary read.

In terms of the specifics of Lasorda’s death, here’s the latest from James Wagner of the New York Times:

“Pallone, 69, said this in a phone interview on Friday evening, the day after Lasorda died of sudden cardiopulmonary arrest. Pallone considered Lasorda a friend and mourned his loss.”

The rest of that article is a tough read, so take a gander if you’d like, but getting some closure on Lasorda’s death is important for many fans, and that bit of information was snuck in there. The medical term above is also known as cardiac arrest, for those wondering.

Lasorda battled heart issues since 1996, when he was forced to retire due to his first heart attack.

Lasorda attended the World Series in Texas and watched the Dodgers win it all, but he was hospitalized on Nov. 15 and remained there until Jan. 6. Many fans thought they’d be getting an early Christmas gift with his potential release, but Lasorda, who was in the ICU for quite a bit, had his stay extended through the New Year. Just days after his release, he passed, and Dodger Nation has been mourning ever since.

An awful start to 2021, but at least Lasorda got his dying wish and saw his team capture a championship one last time.

As for the rest of this complicated story? We’re glad that the relationship between father and son — who, by all accounts, loved each other very much — has been brought to light, though the timing is unfortunate.