3 buy-low free agents with high upside that should interest Dodgers

The Dodgers can balance their spending between big and mid-tier.
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Taking flyers on depreciated assets should never be the focus of a contender's offseason, though the Los Angeles Dodgers have done that an uncomfortable amount of times the last few years. Such a strategy should complement impact moves, however.

We've endlessly criticized the Dodgers for making risky moves and placing high expectations on those unknown commodities. And we'll continue to do that. But the fact of the matter is those kinds of additions are necessary because not every signing, trade, draft pick, etc. can be of the blockbuster variety.

The reality is that the Dodgers are going to be freeing up a ton of roster spots relatively soon. For starters, Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May will be placed on the 60-day IL. Two right off the bat. And you mean to tell us all of Miguel Vargas, Michael Busch, Jorbit Vivas, Jonny Deluca, Andy Pages, Austin Barnes, Diego Cartaya, Hunter Feduccia, Nick Frasso, Gavin Stone, Gus Varland, Ricky Vanasco, Gavin Stone, Emmet Sheehan, Ryan Pepiot, Ryan Yarbrough, Landon Knack, Kyle Hurt, Bryan Hudson and Michael Grove are going to last until Opening Day? No shot. The Dodgers can easily free up 8-10 more spots by trading for two impact players.

Signing two more still leaves space. That's where the sensible low-risk, high-reward moves come in. We've already explored some non-tender candidates that LA should be interested in. Time to explore some other big-name free agents.

3 buy-low free agents with high upside that should interest Dodgers

Lucas Giolito

Once upon a time, fans were (rightfully) calling for the Dodgers to trade for Lucas Giolito at the 2023 deadline to aid an ailing rotation. But the Angels jumped the line, paid a pretty steep price, and watched the right-hander absolutely crater.

After being exposed to waivers a month later, Giolito fell even further with the Cleveland Guardians. What in the world happened?!

Then again, does it really matter from our perspective? That's for Mark Prior to figure out, as he's done with countless arms. LA native Giolito's value is at an all-time low and the Dodgers need rotation depth. Bring him in. Let him work with the coaching staff throughout the offseason. And then you either have a starter who can eat innings or a No. 2 arm slotting in your No. 4-5 spot. Win-win.