3 Dodgers players who will lose their roster spot after Teoscar Hernández signing

Los Angeles Dodgers v Miami Marlins
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Manuel Margot

Yesterday's trade, which sent Almonte and Busch to Chicago, clarified a lot for the Dodgers' then-full roster, but if more than two new players are brought in, more work will need to be done. With Busch, who was a probable trade candidate from the beginning, shipped east, the Dodgers could look to new trade acquisition Margot as a higher leverage trade piece.

As part of a deal that landed the Dodgers Tyler Glasnow, Margot came over from the Rays with a two-year, $19 million contract. While the Dodgers have no qualms with spending their money, packaging Margot up with anyone else on this list could see a nice return for LA while also shedding some payroll burden. He could've been an add-on from the very beginning in order for the Dodgers to net and then extend Glasnow.