3 Dodgers who are primed to be unlikely postseason heroes

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San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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1. Enrique Hernandez

Enrique Hernandez might just be the biggest fan-favorite on the Dodgers, so to many this may not seem like a surprise candidate. But in the grand scheme of things, Hernandez is a utility player who has not put together the best regular season. Typically, you don't count on players like this to have big moments.

But if there's anything that Hernandez has shown Dodgers fans, it's that he thrives in the moment. There are players who feed off of the energy of a big moment and turn it into production, and there are players who wither in the spotlight. Hernandez is certainly the former.

Heck, we saw it from him in the regular season. After a horrendous start to the year with Boston, Hernandez came back to LA and lit the team on fire early in his tenure. He eventually cooled off but it was clear that he was feeding off of the energy of being back in LA.

All fans have to do is look at Hernandez's postseason numbers as proof to this hypothesis. Hernandez has been a hero countless times for the Dodgers in the past and was exceptional in his one postseason with the Red Sox.

In 69 playoff games, Hernandez is hitting .269 with a .900 OPS, 13 home runs and 27 RBI. He's particularly elite in the Championship Series round. With the Dodgers, he had a .872 OPS in the NLCS (including a heroic three-home run game in 2017 and a clutch game-tying home run in 2020). With the Red Sox, he had 1.254 OPS in six ALCS games.

Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols, Nelson Cruz, Mickey Mantle, David Ortiz, Carlos Beltran, Babe Ruth and Enrique Hernandez. Those are the only eight players in MLB history to have at least 13 postseason home runs with an OPS of .900 or higher.