The 6 most hated Los Angeles Dodgers players of all time

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves
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Not every player that has worn a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform has been good. In fact, there have been plenty that have been downright terrible in Dodger blue. For the most part, we forget that those players existed and move on with our lives once their time with the team ends. Every team has these sorts of guys and their names get lost in the sands of time.

However, there's a special class of player that eats at the very fiber of a team’s fans just by mentioning their names. Bill Buckner is in a league of his own here as a Red Sox example (and an unfortunate one at that). That kind of list for most teams is usually pretty short, but how does a player get that level of hatred?

Sometimes it's (like Buckner) coming up tragically and memorably short on a huge stage with a lot on the line. Sometimes it's signing a contract for a lot of money with big expectations and then cratering in spectacular fashion. And sometimes … well, sometimes it's just a good ol’ fashioned stinkfest.

To be clear, this list isn’t just of any players Dodgers fans hate the most. To make that list, we would have to get into opposing players that haunt our dreams, etc. While that list would be fun and we may still try to do that down the line, this is strictly guys that played for the Dodgers and earned enmity for their time here.

Josh Reddick

This is a weird one because Reddick isn’t a case where he signed a big contract or was even around for very long at all. During the 2016 season, the Dodgers acquired Rich Hill and Reddick from the Athletics for Grant Holmes, Jharel Cotton, and Frankie Montas. Again, a decent prospect package (particularly Montas) but nothing earth shattering, and those guys aren't missed in any meaningful way.

However, Reddick was pretty bad in his half-season or so with LA as a .643 OPS isn’t exactly what the Dodgers were hoping for from a guy who had been at least 100 points better than that during most of his career up until then. The nail in the coffin, though, is that Reddick left LA after the season and signed with the dreaded Astros. After winning a ring with Houston in the midst of the subsequent cheating scandal, Reddick was decidedly less than apologetic and even trolled Dodgers fans on Twitter with said ring.

Yep, that gets you on the list.

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