3 remaining free agents that can fill massive hole in Dodgers' outfield

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1. AJ Pollock

This just feels like the perfect kind of move that Friedman would make, doesn't it? The Dodgers should have never traded AJ Pollock in the first place last season, as they dealt him for an over-the-hill, expensive closer who was already showing warning signs of serious decline.

Now, the Dodgers have a chance to right that wrong and bring Pollock back to Los Angeles. Those looking at his numbers from last season might not be excited about a reunion. He was admittedly bad last season (.245/.292/.389), but he was also battling injuries and was not protected in the White Sox lineup (instead surrounded by regressing hitters).

The fact that Pollock is coming off a disappointing season in Chicago is a good thing for the Dodgers -- his market value undoubtedly took a hit. At 35 years old, he's absolutely a candidate for a one-year deal at an affordable price for the Dodgers. A one-year, $8-10 million contract is likely what Pollock will receive.

Bringing back Pollock to play left field, even if it's not every day, not only strengthens the Dodgers lineup but significantly helps the depth as well. Against lefties, you can throw Pollock out there knowing that the team has someone who hits righties better in Trayce Thompson on the bench. Against righties, Thompson can get more chances as long as he continues to produce.

Pollock was really good in his last season with the Dodgers and it's difficult to imagine that level of production completely disappearing. Regression happens in baseball and it can happen fast, but Pollock can still be far better than he was last year for the White Sox.

And, at the very least, you get a veteran clubhouse leader that can be an over-qualified specialist against left-handed pitching.

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